A Mother, A Daughter

A daughter - to a mother
Is a mirrored image of herself
She sees the same face
She feels the same hurt

A mother to a daughter
Is a cruel reminder
Of things to come
She sees the same face
She feels the same hurt

Why, when the two stand together
Canít they see
The mirrored image
The cruel reminder
The only see authority
They only see rebellion

When does the distance
Between them seem so far
Yesterday they walked together
Yesterday they talked together
Two minds, one thought
A mother, a daughter

What makes a mother
Forget that she was young
She made so many mistakes
She cried a stream of tears
Only to land on her two feet
All of it now behind her.

What makes a daughter
Wish that she was grown
Away from her motherís loving arms
Standing by herself
Not needing anyone
Making her own choices

A daughter to a Mother
Is the greatest gift God gives
A chance to change destiny
Prove herself better
The life she wished sheíd lived

A mother ≠ to a daughter,
Is a fortress to conquer
A wall to climb over
Prove herself better
Make a life thatís all her own.

[ Author unknown -- E-Mail Ministry ]


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