A Motherís Letter to God

        Lord, hold me tight and guide my way.
        Give me the strength to face each day.
        My only son now lives with You.
        But life goes on; I must get through.

        My son would not want me to grieve,
        He knew himself it was time to leave.
        He fought the good fight; He won the race.
        And now at last, heís in a better place.

        His mortal body which was in such pain,
        Is now transformed and is whole again.
        Though I am feeling such despair,
        I know with You heís in good care.

        I miss him so and heís barely gone,
        But I know heís there beside Your throne.
        You were His Savior and very best friend.
        To You he was faithful until the end.

        I can almost see his sweet, sweet smile.
        For he always knew it would be worthwhile.
        The life he lived was an example to all,
        For he never failed to answer Your call.

        He touched so many lives down here.
        He suffered much, but he had no fear.
        He encouraged those who now walked his road,
        By telling them, You would bear their load.

        I know You gave him a special role,
        The day he crossed over Your threshold.
        He might be greeting those entering Your gates,
        Or tending Your heavenly garden estates.

        Whatever that Youíve assigned him to do,
        I promise heíll do a good job for You.
        He made us proud throughout his life,
        His parents, his sister, his daughters and wife.

        I know dear Lord You understand my loss,
        For Your only Son died on a cross.
        He paid the price so we could be free.
        And all that believed would dwell with Thee.

        Farewell, my son, at last youíre there.
        Encircled by Godís love and care.
        One day, Iíll get to hug you once more,
        When you meet me there at heavenís door.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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