A One Word Prayer

I just breathe the name of Jesus
when my heart is filled with fear.
And though I cannot see His face,
I know that He is near.

When I whisper "Jesus" softly
I'm admitting I'm in need.
By calling out that precious name,
my stress-bound soul is freed.

It's a one-word prayer I utter
when I'm not sure what to pray.
It's a prayer of sweet surrender
when I'm weary of "my way."

I pray "Jesus" when I'm worried
or when I am depressed.
I say "Jesus" when my mind's confused
or when my life's a mess.

It's a prayer He always answers
as He gives me eyes to see
evidences of His presence
and His tender love for me.

[ Author Unknown -- submitted by: Hart Dowd (hsdowd@telus.net) ]


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