A Parentís Prayer

Written with thoughts of Kyle, Kevin, Greg, Libi and all children and their families who face major childhood illnesses and disabilities. It is amazing how God uses them to bless our lives with their love and remind us of how much for which we have to be thankful. Do you know of a family in these circumstances who needs you to faithfully remember them in prayer?

Dear Lord I need Your help,
As You know my child is ill.
My heart is heavy within me,
I come now seeking Your will.

You have given him to me,
Showing Your grace so plain.
I know You want the best for us,
Even when I witness his pain.

Oh, God, my child is so fearful
Of doctors and tests and such,
Though I desire to help him,
I find I am afraid just as much.

He tries to understand it all,
And just why he must endure.
He looks to me for comfort,
But I canít provide the cure.

You know all about suffering
Watching Your Son on earth,
Bleeding and dying for our sin
Providing for the new birth.

Give me strength in this crisis
As I stand by my ailing child,
To hold him while he is crying
With arms so loving and mild.

Please send to us each hour
A touch of Your special grace,
And help my son to trust You
In all the trials that we face.

Hold his hand, hold his heart,
This tender lamb so small.
Oh, lead us Gentle Shepherd,
And love us through it all.

[ Roger Allen Cook -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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