Sunrise rays above a cloud.

There's A Party In The Sky

One lost sinner won to God.
Angels rejoice and sing.
Joy and laughter on each face;
Pure, perfect celebrating.

Grandma's prayers are answered now.
She sings with angels today.
Together they praise the Ancient of days;
For one, that was lost, found the way.

There are many in heaven above;
Singing so flawlessly.
Hands a clapping, shouts proclaiming;
"Hallelujah, a sinner is set free."

Jesus shining, smiles so joyfully.
The angels can't compete.
He suffered so for those below;
With nails in hands and feet.

With awesome beauty, Oh such love;
Our joyful Jesus shines.
Lost sinners saved, for them He gave;
His life for all man kind.

Give some joy to Jesus, friend;
Let all of heaven ring.
Lead a sinner to the Savior;
Hear the heavens sing.

I'd like to think, that everyday;
There's a party in the sky.
When we've won another one;
To our Father upon high.

Oh, wow, I hear them singing now;
Great shouts of victory.
Glory! Hallelujah! Praise!
A sinner has come to thee

~ Susan Y Nikitenko ~
Copyright © 2009
[ By: Susan Y Nikitenko, Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Susan Y Nikitenko ]

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