A Pastor's Pep Rally

          You could have earned more money
          You could have had esteem
          You could have had a nicer home
          You could have lived as king

          You might have won a fortune
          You might have won the right
          You might have won the fame
          You might have lost the fight

          You gave your heart willingly
          You gave your best no matter what
          You gave and gave, then gave some more
          You gave your all without a second thought

          Today we thank you for all you do
          Today we give a cheer
          Today we say, "A job well done-
          We’re glad that you are here."

          We never say it quite enough
          Sometimes we just forget
          We want you to leave encouraged
          We don't want regrets

          It's time for us to just say thanks
          You're a gift from God our Master
          So much you do - we never see
          But we love you - you're our pastor.

- Glenn A. Hascall -

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 (cmi@prairieweb.com) -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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