A Portrait of My Valentine

His face looks like a road map,
Weathered with the years.
We’ve shared our life together
Through happiness and tears.

His hair is getting thinner,
With abundant streaks of gray.
His mind is getting senile,
He hasn’t much to say.

His gait has gotten slower
And he often stops to rest.
He’s added quite a bit of weight
Yet I still think he’s the best.

And when he takes his grand-kids
And puts them on his knee,
It brings back memories of when
He did the same to me.

Now he sits upon his rocker,
His eyes are growing dim,
His hearing’s not the best now,
But still, I care for him.

He may be old and feeble,
But I love my Valentine
For all that he has given me, and,
Most of all, because he’s mine.

[ by Linda Newman (GramLin99@aol.com) -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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