A Prayer of Faith

            "When you pray for rain,
            take along an umbrella."
            ~Source unknown

            We know
            You're in control, dear Lord,
            we know
            he's in Your care...
            and so it's with
            the utmost trust
            that we request
            this prayer.

            Please grant us peace
            when there is doubt,
            please cast out
            every fear...
            when we are prone
            to court despair,
            remind us
            You are near.

            Please teach us, Lord,
            to lean on You
            when cares
            become too much...
            surround us
            with Your strength and love,
            renew us
            with Your touch.

            Please guide
            the surgeon's hands, dear Lord,
            please grant him
            all Your skill...
            and thank You, now,
            ahead of time...
            knowing, Lord,
            that You will.


            ...before they call,
            I will answer;
            and while they are yet speaking,
            I will hear."

            (Isaiah 65:24 KJV)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook (cjcook@mynewroads.com) -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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