A Priceless Treasure

Some woman may seek fortune and fame
as along their way they go,
but she chose to stay home in a quaint little house
where children and gardens grow.

She bound up bruises and kissed away hurts,
as she cooked and ironed and swept.
She made dollies and kites and sewed baseball gloves,
while the rest of the family slept.

Her coats and hats were quite out of style,
but she was content with less;
in order to give a brown-eyed little girl
her wish for a new party dress.

Don’t waste any sympathy on her,
for she already knows;
there’s a lot more to being a mother
than wearing second-hand clothes.

When it comes to baking cookies and pies,
a master chef is she.
She rules at a story-telling hour
about knight’s and their chivalry.

She makes a home from a house or rooms,
cozy, and warm and snug;
and she gets her rewards in a happy laugh,
a kiss and a sticky hug.

She’ll never amass a fortune of gold,
for naught can measure her worth.
She’s the mistress of laughter and trusting eyes.
She’s a Mother, Queen of the earth!

[ Patricia A. Kellemeyer, copyright © 1998 (PKellemeye@aol.com) -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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