A Saga of the Stable

I've a story 'bout a stable
in a small town far away;
It was years and years ago now,
but it's still brand new today.

There were animals that lived
inside this manger, so I hear,
And the word was goin' 'round
that soon the Christ Child would appear!

"Is He coming?" asked the donkey,
"Seems we've waited here so long!
That bright star is just above us,
but still, something could go wrong!"

"Hush your doubting," said the sparrow,
"He'll soon be here, just you wait!
The Lord's timing's always perfect,
never too soon or too late!

"We've that bright star up above us
and I'm certain it's a sign
That the Christ Child will soon be here,
so don't worry and don't whine!"

Then the sparrow left the manger
and he flew until he spied
Mary, riding on a donkey,
Joseph, walking at her side.

And he followed close behind them
till they finally came to town;
There he saw them go from inn-to-inn,
and each one turned them down.

When they came upon the manger,
Mary nodded "Yes" and smiled,
Knowing that God had provided
this small place to birth the Child.

As the donkey watched in reverence,
there, within the sparrow's sight;
As a light shone 'round about them,
the Christ Child was born that night.

All the animals were struck with awe
as scores of angels came,
Giving praise to God on highest,
giving glory to His Name.

And that tiny stable came alive
with joy and peace and love,
As the Father poured His blessings out
from Heaven up above.

Yet today that same old question
is repeated year-by-year,
"Where's the promise of His coming?"
unsaved men ask with a sneer.

Taunting those of us who love Him,
doubting sounds are often heard;
As rejecting God, they question,
scorning Jesus and His Word.

But our Lord is surely coming,
though blasphemers curse His Name;
Though the scoffers ridicule us,
He is coming, just the same!

As the sparrow in the story,
pay no heed to doubting men;
It is certain He'll soon be here!
"Christ is coming back again!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Watch therefore:
for ye know not
what hour
your Lord doth come."
(Matthew 24:42 KJV)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook (cjcook@mynewroads.com) -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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