Joseph and Mary on their way to Galilee.

A Scandal Echoed

A scandal echoed
throughout the town;
a maiden with child
"not wed," made the rounds.

Mary was betrothed,
but not in despair.
The Holy Sprit had visited,
nothing else could compare.

Now Joseph, the man
who was known to be upright,
thought to do the right thing
and dismiss her that night.

But an angel from God
came to visit in a dream,
"Take this woman to yourself,
no matter what it seems."

"For this baby was conceived
by the Spirit of God ~
just like it was announced
fulfilling all the Prophets foretold.

Call Him Jesus ~
no other name will do ~
for He is "God with us,
Emmanuel, to save you!

~ Peg Salmon ~
"Creations by Peg"
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Peg Salmon Copyright © 2012 ( ) - submitted by: Peg Salmon ]

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