A Sense Of Her Sweet Kiss

As I gaze upon these violets,
sweet memories come of you,
the one who loved me most
when as a child I grew.

I found you always there,
whether resting or at play.
It seemed your first concern,
was my welfare everyday.

I never gave much thought,
until much older though,
of just how great a love,
God had given you to show.

It never seemed to matter
if I was good or bad.
You always had great love for me,
even if I made you mad.

The love of a mother for a child
has to be from God above.
The only real glimpse of Heaven
is her unconditional love.

For this is how our Father is
in Heaven. Don't you see?
It doesn't matter what a worm I am,
He still shows great love for me.

I find Him always there,
whether resting or at play.
I know His first concern,
is my welfare everyday.

His unconditional love,
whether I am good or bad,
reminds me of the love,
from Mother's touch I had.

[ Written and contributed by: Joanne Warrick, Copyright 2001 ]


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