A Simple Faith

    The ravages of pain and sorrow, life's burdens, toils and cares
    Have me questioning my God, at my firmest belief tears
    Are you really there I wonder, you don't seem to be,  
    Is my God a myth? Does he really look out for me?
    To trust or not I do not know I've tried so hard to do,
    All that you've taught, just surrender, let it all belong to you.
    Infinite silence I hear in reply He's got me so confused
    Am I to stand and patiently watch - hopes shatter, plans diffuse?
    What is the answer my soul pleads, I can't bear this any more
    Oh Lord I just can't seem to find the key to each closed door.
    Silence again, I bow my head, get down on bended knees
    Perhaps I've sinned sometime, Oh Lord, reveal it please
    At last upon my Creators face I clearly see a smile
    He says you should have asked, you took quite a while
    To see that in the midst of sorrows, pain and care
    It's important not to doubt, wonder if I am ever there
    For the darkest sin, the greatest pain you cause to me
    Is the sin of doubt that says, You no longer do believe
    When the night you faced seemed ne'er to bring a morn
    When through agonizing hours you doubted you d see the dawn
    A shelter when storms blew rough, fortress when cold winds blew
    A strength, comfort, solace, through it all I sheltered you
    Despite all your fears one hand you sought to hold
    Why falter now my child, why let your faith grow cold?
    Do the clouds of pain envelope so, you fear I cannot do
    All that I've promised, fear not, for I can give them all to you
    My love, patience, strength and care is eternal, ever abounding
    You doubt because my power seems impossible, so astounding
    How can an unseen God I trust, with all my cares everyday
    Is he as indomitable, competent, encompassing as they say?
    I know my child the questions that you harbor in your mind
    The doubts that always linger, the answers you seek to find
    Despite all I've done all I continue to do
    what would it take, to remove the veil, see through
    All I asked was that you have, the faith of a mustard seed
    I d find the answers to your questions, through darkest hours lead.
    I wish that you would cease to doubt, I know no greater pain
    Than to have the one I cherish most, flounder, fail me yet again
    Hold fast to hope and firm belief, for I will surely show  
    The one that trusts with all his heart, earns blessings more and more
    I have the answer to every question, the key to every door
    Firm faith in me brings true peace, assurance you knock no more
    Is life eternal proof enough? my child what will it be?
    Faith in yourself and all your strengths? Or a simple faith in me?

~ Judy Doyle ~

[ by: Judy Doyle, Copyright © 2007 -- submitted by: Judy Doyle ]


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