A Soldier's Christmas

I am over here in battle with bombing all around
Bullets fly and shrapnel is falling on the ground
And though I stay alert to danger, eyes and ears upon the war
My mind begins to wander to where all my family are.

I am fighting for our country to remain intact and free
So none of you at home will have to fight or flee.
I fight because I love you all, more than you can know
And though I'm full of love for you I've seldom let it show.

But with thoughts of the joy of Christmas bearing on my mind
And missing you so desperately I quite often find
That there are things I wish I'd said more often in the past
And talked of love and visions for a future that would last.

The picture that I keep in side is of you on Christmas day
Knowing I am not with you, but oh so far away
And yet you do your duty to hold the home front down
It keeps my spirits up 'til we turn this war around.

But I feel the need to tell you that you play upon my mind
And build a feeling of contentment once so hard to find.
This war has grown me up a bit, shown me responsibility
To appreciate the things I have, especially liberty.

So open up your presents and eat your dinner, warm
And I will so maneuver as to keep my self from harm
Thinking of the joy we'll have when our troops return once more
I wish you "Merry Christmas" - we'll have plenty more.

- Joyce Guy -

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2003 (jguy453@bellsouth.net) submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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