Young girl giving her Stepmother some beautiful Mother's Day flowers.

A Tribute My Stepmother

An Ode To Stepmothers

I was 19 when I acquired a stepmother. I lost my mother to cancer when she was only 49 years old. It is not very many dying wives who would say this to her husband, but my mother did: "Allyn," she said, "you were not meant to live alone. Go out and find yourself a good woman." And that's just what my dad did. Nine months after the death of my mother, a woman by the name of "Helen," twenty-two years Dad's junior, came into our lives. It was a quandary to know what to call her, as my name also is "Helen." After much discussion by everyone, my older sister came up with a solution. Our Stepmother would be "Helen-mom," and I would be "Helen-sis."

My stepmother was a wonderful woman. She joined our family at the age of 29 and added four boys to our family of five girls and one boy. She died at the age of 86, in 2006.

I dedicate this poem to her, and to all the stepmothers
who have loved, often without reciprocation.

A Tribute My Stepmother

So much has been said about mothers,
and all that they mean in our life.
To children, they're there for protection,
to a husband, companion and wife.

But what's ever been said about stepmothers?
Do they not deserve our praise, too?
They've come into our lives and our families,
to do what all mothers need do.

They wash dirty clothes, and they iron.
They cook; they bake, and they mend.
They're always there for our father,
and for us children too, in the end.

Our Stepmother, so longing to comfort,
was determined that she'd not interfere.
But she was always right there in the background,
waiting lovingly to wipe away tears.
Flower divider.
Well, now you’re not here, our dear Stepmother,
but let me whisper just what's on my heart.
I am happy that you joined our family,
and of our life, I am gad you were a part.

I know we couldn't have managed
if you hadn't been there all those years,
silently loving us, praying,
and shedding an ocean of tears.

We miss you, our dear, sweet Stepmother.
But you’ve waited for years, patiently
to join your loved ones in Glory,
who have welcomed you so happily."

November 12, 1922 – March 28, 2006

 With love, All your family.

~ Helen Dowd ~
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All Rights Reserved
[ by: Helen Splane Dowd, Copyright © 2013, ( ) -- from: Helen Dowd ]

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