A Twig is Bent

I've heard it all my life
and I believe it to be so,
how the twig is bent
is the way the child will grow.

We think we know it all
when our child is, oh so small.
How shall we act, which way will they go?
The way we act, is the way they know.

Looking back is not good they say.
But I'd do some things in a different way.
The first thing I'd do is teach them to pray
and go to church, not sleep in, on Sunday.

Christian friends are important.
Good values need to be set.
Daily reading of the Bible
is more important yet.

A child needs to remember
when they really need a friend
they can always talk to Jesus
who'll be with them through thick and thin.

[ by Delores Wood (May 21, 1989) -- from 'Guidewords' ]


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