A Voice Calling

If you hear a sweet voice calling,
and it's sound is very soft and low.
It's reaching out to humans falling,
and fills their heart with a glow.

This voice is calling night and day,
and never ceases to comfort you.
You may also hear it as you pray,
for then it falls like morning dew.

Cherish this voice from above,
and hold it very dear in your soul.
Knowing that it's filled with love,
and will help you reach your goal.

Listen carefully to what you hear,
and let no word escape into thin air.
For what you hear is Him so dear,
speaking to you from a golden chair.

He will listen to your troubled heart,
and give you words of comfort then.
For He alone will listen to your part,
and is faithful to forgive you of your sin.

[ by: John H. Arney, © 2003 (johnarney@starnetok.net) -- submitted by John Arney ]


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