A Walk in the Woods

Did you ever kiss your mom and run out to play?

Hoping that you could play all day?

And when you squatted to tie your shoes,

you realized, that what you play is for you to choose?

You say to yourself, "What do I want to do?"

And Self says back, "That's up to you!"

Did you just walk along the road

then pretend that you were a toad?

Mom yells, "Hey you, get out of the road!"

I bet you hop then like you're a toad!

Like me, one day I pretended that I was a frog.

And went into the woods and jumped on a log!

My Mom said, "Come back, you silly frog,

did you not know you will get lost in the bog?"

We saw something dead, at first thought it a cat.

Then Mom said, "No, I don't think it's that!"

It was black and white and it really stunk!

I said, "Mom, I think it's a skunk!"

We held our noses as we went away.

MAYBE we'll go back into the woods someday!

[ by Dot Wilson -- submitted by Dot Wilson ]


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