A Work-a-holic's Lament

He'd been this way
For much too long.
A confirmed work-a-holic.
So, what was so wrong?

His kids, still asleep
As he left the house.
Tucked in at night
As he met his spouse.

Just one more day
In a long line of misses.
Another ball game,
Some more goodnight kisses.

The sole consolation
To his self-imposed pace,
Was that he was 'providing',
So why couldn't he face...?

Two growing children
And the one he had wed.
He didn't really know them
Or so she had said.

Then in one surreal moment
It all came to an end,
Gone - his sweet children
Gone - his best friend.

But more news arrived,
An employee reduction
No more 'life-as-he-knew-it'
'Twas an easy deduction

The void then rushed back
The one 'work' tried to fill.
He longed for his family
He missed the sweet thrill...

Of a boy thrown up high,
Then caught by his daddy.
A tender childish prayer
Whispered by dear little Mattie.

His wife was a loss
That he missed the most,
But then they had gone
And there's no one to host.

So he thought to himself,
"What a horrible cheat...
I've wasted so much
And I don't want to repeat."

So he called out to One
That he'd also neglected,
The void soon was filled
And a new life, reflected.

His new job doesn't pay
What he's known in the past,
But he's home before six
The pace isn't as fast.

His wife and his children
Have noticed the turn,
And in spite of the past
His wife sometimes yearns...

To be reconciled
To the man he's become.
They both need to trust
As they look to the One...

Who can pick up the pieces
Of a life lived full-tilt
And the crash and the impact,
Blood, sweat and tears spilt.

So they're dating again
As they both try to cope.
You see, realigned priorities
Have given them reason to hope.

Glenn A. Hascall

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 (cmi@prairieweb.com) -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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