Advancing Age

(to fully appreciate this poem you need to be geriatric)

As the years pressed in upon me
And changed my life about
I?ve met the seasons gracefully
Of that I have no doubt.

I?ve caught the gentle husband
On whom my cap was set,
I?ve conquered many obstacles,
And challenges I have met.

My kids are grown into adults,
and all away from home.
I?ve seen so many places
That I once desired to roam.

Beloved pets have come and gone,
And filled a loving space,
I?ve long ago resigned
To my sagging, wrinkled face.

I move with slower gait,
No longer rush about
Love to stay at home more,
With much less in and out.

My goals have mostly all been met
With quite resolve and sap,
The most exciting thing now in my life
Is a long and restful nap.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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