After The Storm

Thunder crashes, storm clouds rage,
Lightening fires the air;
Troubles fall like big hail stones,
Bringing pain and deep despair.

Clouds as black as night,
Their demon throngs release;
Doomed I seem to be
'ere this storm should ever cease.

I seek a place of sheltered rest
In God's true and living Word;
Balm to quiet my spirit
As rumbling threats are heard.

Then suddenly the Son shines through,
Bestowing quiet and peace;
He makes the avalanche seem small,
My shelter lined with fleece.

I see the brilliant rainbow,
Reflection of His tender care;
And know that throughout the storm
He was standing, guarding there.

Then I knew the raging storm
Was stirred up just for me;
To teach me faith and patience
As I walk o'er the troubled sea.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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