After The Tears

There are so many things in this life,
that makes our tears to fall.
But we can always say to ourselves,
it will get better after all!

No matter what our worries may be,
we know they will soon be gone.
But others will be there to take their place,
until we leave here and move on!

But until then we can know,
life will always give us pain.
But, if we ask Jesus into our heart,
You know we have Heaven to gain!

We have many days filled with joy.
Then just as many days of despair.
We are often telling someone,
It just doesn't seem to be fair!

Just keep going and do your best,
to cheer up and calm your fears.
For joy will come in the morning,
When Jesus comes - that's after the tears!

Live for the Lord and be joyful
While here on this earth we stay.
Jesus will come some glad morning
to lift us up and take us away!

We'll live in that beautiful city
where the streets are paved with gold.
There it's fully lighted by His Glory.
It's beauty has never been told!

In that place there'll only be joy.
No sorrow or pain or fears.
When we get up to Heaven.
That will be after the tears!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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