Happy senior couple.

Ages Of Love

In youth, Love is a searing flame,
That dominates your life.
It roars and burns and wrings you out;
It's happiness and strife.

In the middle years, it's a cozy hearth,
Which flares up now and then,
To give you strength to do the things
That life expects of men.

When old age comes, the embers glow
At a warm and steady rate,
Keeping our hearts and souls serene
No matter what our fate.

At any age, love is the key
That makes us who we are,
With all our flaws, it smooths the road
When we must cross the bar.

~ Mary Eileen Butera ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Mary Eileen Butera, Copyright © 2011 -- {used with permission} ]

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