Alabama Morning

        A good day for fishing! Yes Lord, a good day.

        I grab my fishing pole and out the door I go.

        The cows are grazing. The meadow smells sweet.

        A cormorant sits atop a lifeless cypress tree,

        sentinel to these still waters that beckon me.

        Glints of sunshine dance across the rippling circles

        created by a stork in search of breakfast.

        As I walk nonchalantly by, engrossed in God's beauty,

        and army of turtles frantically leap into the water,

        regretfully sacrificing another moment in the sun.

        The pecan tree looming above stares in utter silence

        as her offspring fall threateningly close to me!

        At last I reach the path leading to my honey hole.

        As I turn the final bend, my eye catches the slow,

        methodical undulation of a 'gator on the prowl.

        I gasp in wonder

        at the ever changing sameness of this place!

        Reaching the waters that have invited me,

        I cast my line with full appreciation

        for the gift given me... this gift called "today!"

[ by Joanne Warrick, Copyright © 2001 -- {used with permission} ]


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