Children at Christmas -- Minsk.

All Is Calm All Is Right

      We're moving on to Christmas now, the biggest holiday,
      A time when people gather just to celebrate and play.
      Thanksgiving Day is past and now the Christmas season starts,
      And something happens every year to warm the willing hearts.

      I see the decorations on the houses start to glow,
      And in the crisp clean air at night you almost smell the snow.
      The stations on the radio start changing their format,
      And on TV a wave of toys and kids want this and that.

      It all starts out so slowly but then seems to come real quick,
      Then Christmas is upon us and we run till we are sick.
      People running everywhere to finish up their task,
      To late to get the hottest item so don't even ask.

      Shopping now becomes a chore to fill in all the gaps,
      Flying through the malls and stores as if their running laps.
      Getting so frustrated to the point of panicky,
      All to get those toys and presents underneith the tree.

      Losing all the spirit of the Christmas holiday,
      Caught up in the shopping spree and all you do is pay.
      Church bells ring and Christmas bells are ringing loud and clear,
      But the ringing of the register is all you hear.

      Stop I say! now stop this madness slow it to a crawl,
      There's absolutely nothing wrong with shopping at the mall,
      There's nothing wrong with giving gifts it has been done forever,
      But don't get so caught up that you miss Christmas altogether.

      Now while you still have the time just plan your holiday,
      Time for love and time for laughter and take time to pray.
      Time for family and for friends and all those you hold dear,
      That is what it's really all about this time of year.

      Take the time to share your love and then take time for YOU,
      Take the time to just sit quietly and then review.
      Review the blessings that you have and all of those you love,
      Remember all the blessings that you have came from above.

      The running, shopping, cooking, presents, parties and the food,
      Are all a part of Christmas and the festive attitude.
      But never lose the reason why we celebrate this day,
      Don't let the hussle and the bussle get into your way.

      Enjoy the total picture and don't get caught in the race,
      Don't miss the reason for the season at a hetic pace.
      Take the time to Celebrate and understand HIS birth,
      And then you'll understand "Good will and peace to men on earth."

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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