Almost Home!

        With heartrending pain we hear once more,
        The space shuttle Columbia is lost.
        Yet we must continue to forge ahead,
        Though there is a very high cost.

        A widowed lady says, "They were almost home."
        Her pain showing on her face.
        She knew it could happen to him you see,
        But he loved just being in space.

        Her statement, "They were almost home"
        Filled my eyes with tears.
        As I thought of the heroes of our time,
        That have been killed through the years.

        Too many to name, but not to mourn.
        Hearts always hurt so much.
        We pray for their families and their comfort,
        And hope they feel the Master's touch.

        Sometimes I feel, as my life goes on,
        A stranger here on this Earth.
        My home is Heaven for eternity.
        That is, since my new birth!

        I asked Jesus into my heart,
        And He forgave all my sin.
        I want to tell others of His great love,
        So they too will ask Him in!

        When my life on Earth is ready to end,
        And I will no longer roam,
        I pray that my family and friends will say,
        "Oh. Look! She's almost home!"

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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