Man alone at sunset.

Alone at Sunset

          As I sit beside the ocean's shore
          And watch the setting sun
          I ponder things about my life
          Am I the only one?

          Not a soul in sight that I can see
          I sit here all alone
          The emptiness of God's green earth
          Not a thing to hear me moan.

          What can I do to make me whole
          And make things seem alright
          I turn to God and cry to Him
          Why can't You see my plight?

          I know it's wrong to question You
          About these things I fear
          Help me let go and trust in You
          Give you the wheel to steer.

          I look upon the setting sun
          In awe of Your great scene
          The colors are so beautiful
          The water looks so clean

          You help me know, You re there with me
          My faith grows more each day
          I give to You my heart and soul
          For All these things, I pray.

~ Brian Russell ~
Copyright © 2009
Oldman's Poetry Corner
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Brian Russell Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Brian Russell ]

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