Always There

          An empty inbox,
          A broken heart,
          A silent cell phone,
          A past that's dark.
          A stained glass window,
          A murmured prayer,
          Among the lonely,
          A sense of despair.

          Despair can turn to hope,
          And loneliness is broken,
          When Christ is the center of life,
          And our hearts are turned wide open.
          Past experience gone,
          Washed away and new,
          He has promised life,
          And he has promised it to you!

          A shadowed future,
          Of uncertain days.
          A terrible longing,
          That always stays.
          That urgent cry,
          That desperate call,
          When all else fails,
          Where do the pieces fall?

          They fall right into His hands,
          And again, He picks them up,
          When the urge to live is greater,
          Than the power to give up!
          He hears every time that you call,
          And your tears are not unseen,
          The future lies distant and grim,
          But He knows just what it means!

          A bright tomorrow,
          A small first step,
          All distant sorrow,
          And hurt erased.
          A fading storm cloud,
          Drying drops of rain,
          When the pain stops,
          You hear the refrain:

          Behind every storm there's a reason,
          Behind every drop, a thirsty flower.
          Behind every rainbow,
          A strong summer shower.
          Hope now lies in his hands,
          In the price he paid for you,
          Without his pain and his sorrow,
          Life could never be new.

          God has a plan for your life,
          Even if the future looks grim,
          Do not give in to the strife,
          That threatens to blur out the image of Him.
          He will never leave you lonely,
          And when the pain's just too much to bear,
          You call on Him and Him only,
          Knowing that He's always there.

~ Rachel Marie Bentham ~

No matter where you are on this road of life,
the Lord is interceding on your behalf.

[ by: Rachel Marie Bentham Copyright © 2008 ( -- submitted by: Rachel Bentham ]


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