America On Her Knees

        Youthful country nourished for years,
        Now engaged in a time of tears.
        Innocent souls lost due to division and pain,
        Struggle for unity essential to regain.

        A nation revived emerging in prayer,
        Trusting a higher power to get us there.
        Journey towards peace under His Almighty hand,
        Previous mistakes, Lord forgive our land.

        We pray for guidance in all we do,
        Braced with endearing hope to get us through,
        Allow our people the stamina to begin,
        Proclamation of faith His message we send.

        Desolate time of dark shadows make clear,
        Mankind's solidarity will conquer fear.
        Revelation of light producing a spirit of love,
        Protection to lean on shielded from above.

        Engaging an untold battle about to begin,
        Preserve our nation's foundation spurred to defend.
        Ability to remain strong persevering the need,
        Shedding seeds of courage to accomplish the deed.

[ by Linda Barta-McNeil (queenlou@yahoo.com) -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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