An Answered Birthday Wish

I look at my life now that I'm 25,
And I thank God I'm still alive,
With two good eyes to see
My precious beloved family.

I am so blessed to hold dear
Those whose faces I see through the year.
There is my husband, who tries so hard,
To be my provider, protector and bard.

In his wisdom God chose a man for me
Whose whole life revolves around his family.
I know the most important person in his life
Above anyone else, is his wife.

In his wisdom God gave to me
Two children that love their mommy.
Everyday I'm blessed to have them near
Makes more memories to hold dear.

In his wisdom God planted me in
A family permanently committed to Him.
To give me roots upon which to grow
So that from infancy love I would always know.

A mother and father, who hovered over my breath,
So that my baby eyes would not close in death.
Two loving hearts that watched me mature
And a few growing pains of adolescence endure.

Three sibling trees that grew
Along side me my whole life through
Although we grow in different ways,
Our hearts true to our upbringing stays.

There are other Christian souls I love
Through my faith in Him above.
I trust that in heaven close will remain
When we've finally been purged of sin's stain.

There is in my heart more room yet,
For every creature God's given me for a pet.
Although it fills me with sorrow when we part,
God knows they are still bound in my heart.

Love I see every where I look,
Just as promised in God's holy Book.
God, thank you for the past quarter century,
Thank you for the life you planed for me.

For all gifts I've been given, from first to last,
I can think of only one request to ask:
Lord, please grant me the gift to see
Through your eyes for all eternity.

Thank you for Your wisdom above,
Thank you for Your eternal love.
Thank you for all my birthday gifts
That give all my days a special lift.

[ Daughter of: Bob Smith, Chickaloon, Alaska ( -- from Andy Chap ]


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