An Old Friend

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I found him one day sitting there all alone
An old friend of mine through the years I had known

I recall how his problems would make him depressed
Then he drank or took drugs to deal with the stress

He soon found addiction was just waiting there
Giving him the impression nobody else cared

The ones he loved could no longer depend
And in time found addiction was his only friend

The life he was leading would soon take its toll
Weakening spirit, his mind, and his soul

From days in rehabs to his days in a cell
He'd come to realize he had built his own hell

The day that he fell he just wanted life over
Didn't know if he could live his life being sober

He ask God for help, as he knew he must try
Because this time he knew that it was do or die

Relapses were many but in time there were few
And the strength that he lacked inside him grew

Today he's doing well and his life is on track
And the loved ones he lost he found he got back

Of the drugs in his life that often he craved
Today he thanks God because he's been "saved"

Today he prays often and has found a new way
To deal with the problems he finds day-to-day

Today we're good friends which is how it should be
'Cause this old friend I lost - you see had been me

This poem was written for addicts who still suffer.
May it find its way to those who need it most.

[ Tommy Q. -- from TPS -- Ed:anon. ]


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