Angel Plea for the World

      Angels, if you are listening, please send help from up above
      Not for me, dear angels, but for the ones I love.
      Like a broken mirror, they lie shattered on the floor.
      They cannot see you or feel your presence anymore.

      Angels, if you are listening, I cry to you for light.
      They've lost their will for living and cannot fight this fight.
      Everything in life is chaos, so much disarray.
      They cannot see the promise or the light of a new day.

      Angels, if you are listening, please adhere my plea.
      I love them more than life itself, I love them more than me.
      Lost within a whirlwind of depression, gloom, despair...
      Please light the fire within them and let him know you're there.

      Angels, if you're listening, please know that I believe.
      I know your there to help us and I'm down on bended knee.
      I have done my very best to bring some light into their lives;
      but I am not enough alone, they need your love so bright.

      Angels, if you are listening, they say they're at their end.
      My heart in a thousand pieces on the floor if they should bend.
      For we are only human, there's only so much we can bare;
      but if we had your help I know that you would steer us clear.

      Angels, if you are listening, I know with all that I am
      that you will do your best to show yourselves and Divine plan.
      They are my life, my loves, the ones; and yet I am alone;
      for they cannot be with me with a mind that's nearly blown.

      Angels, if you are listening, I pray my words get through,
      please know that if you help them I will sing my praise to you.
      I'll thank you for all time, your gracious help I will express
      to all I know, to all I see, for all your thoughtfulness.

[ by Ellen M. DuBois Copyright © 2001 -- submitted by: Ellen M. DuBois ]


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