Angels Above

Precious moments are all to few,
Things would be different, if we only knew,
What the future might hold...
What the future might bring...
God's in charge, it could be anything.

God lends us his children to call our own,
to love, to teach, to provide a home.
Will we have a day to remember?
Will we have a lifetime to dream?
Our little angel was only thirteen.

Treasure each moment God allows you to have,
Choose battles wisely, and learn how to laugh.
It could be today...
It could be tomorrow...
God's in Charge, he'll ease our sorrow.

Memories become sweeter as the hurt goes away,
They occupy thoughts several times a day.
Remember the fun...
Remember the love...
Little angels in heaven looking down from above.

- Nancy Pickett -

[ by: Nancy Pickett Copyright © 2003 ( -- submitted by: Nancy Pickett ]


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