Angels Come At Midnight

When the night is darkest,
And the day is far gone,
That's when
The angels come.

When hope is almost vanished,
And all your friends have left,
Then ----
If you are very still,
You will hear them.

Whispers in the darkness,
Feathers in the snow,
Light at the tunnels end,
Showing where to go.

Did you think He'd leave you?
In your darkest hour?
Angels on assignment
Holding up your arms.

Scent of precious incense
Fragrance in the air,
Feel the breeze of heaven,
Know that they are here.

A glimpse of light,
A sudden sparkle
Somewhere out there
In the dark.......

The car that almost
Hit us,
But something held it back.

The child that fell,
With none to tell,
But still no cut or bruise

Angels come at midnight
When all else has failed
For they are God's secret
Guardian of our souls.

Thank you Jesus for my angel!

[ by: Carol Maiden © 2003 ( -- submitted by Carol Maiden ]


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