Guardian angel watching over a little boy and girl.

Angels Everywhere!

    Have you ever seen an angel robed in purest white?
    They're sent by God to guard you throughout each day and night.

    Not all of them have halos and very few have wings.
    In time you'll come to know them, and how your heart will sing.

    For angels come in colors, and in every shape and size.
    Perhaps you never noticed them, for they're often in disguise.

    But once you learn to seek them out, I m sure you'll recognize
    That their hearts are filled with love and that they're very wise.

    And in your quest to know each one, you'll search back through the years
    To say a silent 'Thank You' for those who calmed your fears.

    One may have been your mother as she held you to her breast
    And softly sang a lullaby until you were at rest.

    Another may have been your dad who worked hard to provide
    All the things you needed. He was your coach and guide.

    Remember now the teacher who urged you to do your best.
    She stressed the need for diligence to pass life's every test.

    Then there was the neighbor who held your hand and cried.
    The day you lost your dearest friend, she stood close by your side.

    And perhaps a special someone took your hand and said, I do,
    And faithfully made a promise to last your whole life through.

    Angels walk among us. They're everywhere, you see,
    Sent by God from heaven. You just have to believe.

    Do I believe in angels? Oh, yes, I truly do
    And if you have a heart of gold, you might be an angel, too!
~ Linda Gleason ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2010 ( ) -- submitted by: Linda Gleason ]

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