Ashes For Beauty

        I lived most of my life in hate and mistrust
        Ugly and rotten, I was full of disgust.
        I will admit that I did things for spite,
        Living in darkness, a child of the night.
        My look was so hard, I wore mostly black,
        I was so mean, cutting others no slack.

        Full of self hatred, Yes, full of disdain,
        I would burn my flesh just to feel the pain.
        I lacked all things good, with you, I will level,
        I worshipped demons, I loved the devil.
        When I would dress up in ribbons and sashes
        Still, my mirror, reflected only ashes.

        Then one day He found me, so full of myself,
        To Him I was worth all of Heaven's wealth.
        He left His home, Yes, He left the angels
        To hang on a cross, for hours He dangled.
        Laughed at and scorned, He hung naked in shame,
        And during that time, on His mind, was my name.

        I dwelt so long on that horrible vision
        I knew it was time to make a decision.
        I knew that it was He who took my place,
        Would I accept His offering of grace?
        Indeed, I decided that I would trade
        Ashes for beauty, my decision was made.

~ Melissa Sanders ~
( 12-10-01 )

[ by: Melissa Sanders © 2005 ( -- submitted by: Melissa Sanders ]


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