Authored By Grace

Have you considered how the story of your life would read in book form? Especially if it were written by someone who knew it as well as you. Remember each decision is a step in the journey that is your life. With Jesus as your editor in chief, the resulting story will be an eternal best seller.

One story of life is unfolding
With events occurring each day
The continuing story of my life
From a babe to hairs of gray.

God is moving my hand to write
A journal of my walk on earth,
Page upon page of decisions
Of fear and sorrow and mirth.

He helps me pick up the pen
And lays His great hand over mine,
Teaching me to write in His will
With strokes so artful and fine.

A mystically wonderful saga
Of a life lived in time and space,
This diary of daily living
One that is authored by grace.

Like a child who is learning
To write the language of school,
Help from the master's hand
Gives guidance in using the tool.

We, like the child appreciate
The initial aid of His hand
But soon strive to be free and
Independent whenever we can.

Desiring to write by ourselves
A story line authored by me,
With choices that I get to make
About new chapters yet to be.

Looking back on my journal
I can see each twist and turn,
And the times I wrote on my own
The hard lessons I had to learn.

Jesus take control of my hand
Guide the choice of each letter
Each word, sentence, and phrase.
As I write the rest of my days.

Let the conclusion of the matter
Show your hand set in place,
Writing the drama of my life
One that was authored by grace

Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
Hebrews 12:2

[ by Roger Cook ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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