Beautiful Fall colored trees by a stream.

Autumn Glory

            Autumn breeze is blowing
            Chill is in the air
            Leaves are gently swirling
            Scattered here and there.

            People clad in jackets
            Cider nice and hot
            Wiener roast and campfire
            Sure does hit the spot.

            Football games on Fridays
            Fans can now be found
            Huddled round in blankets
            Rivals come to town.

            Wintertime is coming
            Leaves are being shed
            Lovely shades of yellow
            Touch of crimson red.

            Frost is on the pumpkin
            Hunter with his gun
            Days are growing shorter
            Golden fields are spun.

            God is quite the artist
            Paints a canopy
            Adds a splash of color
            For everyone to see.

~ Marilyn Ferguson ~
Copyright © 2004
All Rights Reserved

[ Author: Marilyn Ferguson Copyright © 2004 -- {used with permission} ]


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