If you have lost a loved one, you know the incredible pain of missing them. Bonnie's poem exquisitely and lovingly paints a portrait of the Greatest Love that is always there for us. Our Comforter.

Storm clouds of the recent past,

Left rainbows in their wake,

Remembering Your promise,

I let go of the terrible ache.

And as I stepped out this morning,

There were roses glistening with dew,

I felt a whispering breeze drift by,

Calling me so gently to You.

In the sky, wisps of clouds gathered,

As sunbeams shone down from above,

Looking like Your majestic arms,

Surrounding me with Your love.

You healed my broken spirit,

Having blessed me with Your grace,

Refreshing my soul once again,

With the warmth of Your gentle embrace.

And should the hurdles return one day,

Seeming much to high to leap,

I'll remember this glorious moment,

That You've given me to keep.

This was written one day after I'd lost my brother, his death being followed closely by a couple of my dear friends. It truly was an "awakening" to finally know they were all at peace.

[ Bonnie Church ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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