Azalea Cardinals

      Outside my bathroom window in a bush next to the house,
      I saw a bright red cardinal on a limb next to his spouse.
      They sat and chirped and looked around and I was so amazed,
      They didn't even notice me as I just stood and gazed.

      They flew away and then I slid the window on the track,
      To get a better view if they decided to come back.
      It wasn't but a moment when I heard the female sing,
      And in the bush there on a branch she wedged a piece of string.

      All day long as they would come and go the bush would shake,
      And two feet from my window I could see their nest take shape.
      They worked so hard to get it done and finally they were through,
      And I would not disturb this family, that's one thing I knew.

      So I would be real quiet as I walked into the room,
      And kept the curtains closed if it was time for me to groom.
      I didn't want to startle them, my little outside guest,
      Because they worked so long and hard to build their little nest.

      I know they didn't realize they were so close to me,
      The curtains blocked their view and that is all that they could see.
      But I could peek between the curtains and see everything,
      I watched the female settle in and listen to her sing.

      Each day I peeked and she was there with eggs apparently,
      And I knew soon that in that nest she would have her family.
      But one day I forgot and pulled the curtain on the track,
      And when I looked I saw the female cardinal looking back.

      She looked at me and somehow knew that I meant her no harm,
      She never moved a feather and she let out no alarm.
      She just looked at me and never seemed to be in fear,
      As if to say " I know you know my babies are in here."

      So from then on I would look out and she would look at me,
      But never did she ever move or ever try to flee.
      I even tried to talk to her and she could hear me say,
      "Are the babies nice and warm and how's my girl today?"

      I saw the bright red daddy cardinal while out in my yard,
      He was not so trusting and he always was on guard.
      I saw him bring her food to eat and then he flew away,
      I was amazed, this bit of nature, I could watch each day.

      Then one day it happened as I started peeking out,
      Little heads with beaks wide open bobbing all about.
      Three of them and chirping loudly reaching to the skies
      And both the parents flying back and forth to feed the cries.

      For days I watched the miracle of nature taking place,
      And watched the growing little birds as parents stuffed their face.
      I watched the dedication of the parents with their duty,
      And realized I've seen first hand a part of nature's beauty.

      I also knew, to be so close and watch I had been blessed,
      But then one day I gazed out on a lonely empty nest.
      I never saw them leaving or the young learn how to fly,
      I thought that I might see it when it was the time to try.

      But life goes on and so does nature and I smile at this,
      Funny how the little things in life you sometimes miss.
      Because they teach a lesson of how precious life can be,
      Just like the cardinals that were guest in my azalea tree.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2004 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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