Group of Children.

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Baby Jesus Poems

        1. Jesus felt the donkey’s breath
          The beast was near His head
          The warmth was good
          On such a night
          In a manger for a bed.

        2. Many were witnesses
          That starry night
          To a very special birth
          Mary screamed
          And held on tight
          But afterward, there was mirth.

        3. Baby Jesus smelled fresh hay
          In the manger where He lay
          He also whiffed some donkey doo
          Such was His new
          Life’s debut.

        4. The donkey looked at the dog and lamb
          Strangers were staying in the stable
          Mary and Joseph lunched on a stump
          This stable, like most, had no table.

        5. Night had come to Bethlehem
          The stable had gone all dark
          The Baby lying there in the trough
          Laughed at the dog’s every bark.

        6. The Babe had come to planet earth
          To carry out a great task
          His job was not to find fault
          But to give us all some worth.

        7. A knock on the door caused the collie to bark
          Joseph went to answer
          A new-found friend had brought food for 3
          Joseph’s grin said, “Even tea!”

        8. A cardinal alighted where the Baby lay
          Its red plumes made the Infant smile
          Its head and eyes could not be still
          Such was its naturalistic style.

        9. The noise of the cock’s crow woke them up
          A brand new day came bursting forth
          The hungry Infant kicked its feet
          Until the Jew gave it teat.

        10. The tiny Baby didn’t pay any mind
          To the cow, the ass or the buzzing bee
          He was busy listening to lovely trills
          Of a songbird outside in a tree.

        11. The Baby knew what each one needed
          First thing was a bath!
          Raindrops filled an outdoor tub
          Then Joseph stripped to scrub.

        12. Three strange men finely dressed
          Came to offer gifts
          They were wise and from the East
          Wasn’t one a priest?

        13. Mary didn’t thank God
          She knew just who her child was
          With its tiny fingers and wee toes
          Every day it put on shows.

        14. The stars twinkled their very best
          The moon’s mood was good
          The sun asked to shine a bit more
          The swaddled Babe said it could.

        15. Mary said to bearded Joseph
          The Baby needed broth
          “Go and catch some river fish,
          I’ll make a tasty dish.”

        16. This newborn Babe wasn’t black
          Neither was He white
          His skin was sort of greenish-tan—
          A black olive light?

        17. Joseph, with his gentle arms,
          Lifted the newborn Lad
          On down the road the wee One’s arms
          Would gently lift the dad.

        18. A blue and yellow butterfly alighted
          On the Savior’s naked knee
          The soft tickle made Him start
          Then smile at the familiar butterfly art.

        19. Winds and rain roared outside
          The walls of the stable shook
          The candle flame’s erratic dance
          Gave each face a ghostly look.

        20. An angel said the name Jesus meant Savior
          He would save His people from sin
          Joseph was happy and married Mary
          With God he was guaranteed a win.

[ by: Randall D Barfield © 2007 Copyright ( - submitted by: Randall D Barfield ]


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