Be Glad - Don't Be Sad

Once again Christmas time is here,
A time when you pull your family near.
We will sing songs of cheer and joy,
And thank God for his baby boy.

What a gift, Jesus Christ his son,
How He changed the world with all He's done.
He said just believe and you will see,
How wonderful your life will be.

So this time of year the cheer will flow,
All the joy will have everyone a glow.
But sometimes it's hard to feel the cheer,
When you've lost someone you love so dear.

Losing that love one hurt so bad,
In this season it's hard to be glad.
With your family together sometimes it's found,
That you catch yourself just looking around.

Even though you're in a familiar place,
You know what's missing, a special face.
But with your family there is much love,
And you know they're watching from above.

Jesus and that special one will say,
We know the ache you feel this day.
Don't turn your back on your belief,
In that fact you'll find relief.

God's special gift was so great,
Believe in Jesus, it will seal your fate.
And on the day your life is done,
You'll once again see that special one.

In this season you may be sad,
But because of His gift, you can be glad.

[ Author Unknown -- from Steve Baumgartner ( ]


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