Christian greeting card for the new year.

Behind a New Door

As we reminisce on the year that’s now gone,
Are we shedding a tear or two
Because of the many chances we missed?
Or the things that we didn’t do? --
Like the letters we’d write, or the people we’d call?
Or the dreams we said we’d pursue?
Or the weight we would lose, or a habit we’d drop?
Is this our year in review?

Now we stand on the brink of a brand new year,
A year that’s untarnished, and clean.
We are handed a play, with the pages blank,
A clear slate, an empty screen.
We think in our minds how we’ll write the plot--
A perfect, unblemished scene.
We’ll make up for the flaws that the old plays have had,
And the errors that have been.

So we dream of some ways to improve ourselves;
And we list resolutions galore,
Knowing all very well that few will be kept:
We have seen it happen before.
But we’ll not give up hope. We will face day by day
Any challenge the year has in store.
We will tackle our problems, face up to our foes:
In this play, BEHIND A NEW DOOR.

Let us stand in front of the mirrow now--
With a smile from ear to ear,
And see our performance, as we’d like it to be
At the close of THIS play of the year:
We snatched at the chances that floated our way;
We were kind to the ones we hold dear.
We have played our part well. Oh, there’s been no cause
To shed one single tear!

I hope you will have a GREAT YEAR.

God bless you!

~ Helen Dowd ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Helen Splane Dowd, Copyright © 2012, ( ) -- from: Helen Dowd ]

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