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Betwixt and Between

Time has passed; I'm growing old.
There is much that I have seen
betwixt the time when I was born
and all the years between.

Many a lesson has been learned
on this journey of my life
with mountains of joy and happiness
and valleys of toil and strife.

Through years of struggle, I came to see
the value of work and trial.
In time I learned to be content
and reflect on it awhile.

And in those quiet moments,
I learned this to be true:
My life would have no meaning, Lord
if I had not found you.

Every day I thank you
for the joy I have known
and for blessed assurance
I was never left alone.

Bless the people who have touched my life;
bless the ones I'll never know.
Plant seeds of love within my heart
and nurture them to grow.

Take my heart and soul, dear Lord
that I might do your will
and lead some other long lost soul
to kneel on Golgotha's Hill.

~ Linda Gleason ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved

It is not possible for me to stand at Golgotha,
but I have read about, and I believe, what happened there.
I know that my Lord suffered and died for me.
And, as painful as that knowledge is, I am thankful
that he allowed me to understand what he sacrificed and why.
[ By: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2013 ( llgleason@bellsouth.net ) -- submitted by: Linda Gleason ]

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