Beyond Alzheimer's

She had the sharpest of minds.
With a memory clear and strong
In the latter years began to fade,
Showing something was wrong.

Having given so many years
Of faithful service to her Lord,
Difficulties were hard to accept.
Symptoms couldn't be ignored.

The simple steps in a sequence
Became a challenge to complete.
The diagnosis was confirmed
As faculties started to retreat.

Then stepped forward a hero.
His love empowered by grace,
As he met the needs of his wife
By giving her care first place.

"There is nothing I will spare
In money, effort, and attention
For this one I love so deeply.
This is my solemn intention."

He cooks and cleans and attends
To her personal needs and more.
His tender patience displayed
Only more difficulties in store

Oh what a disheartening disease!
It takes away the use of the mind
And one's ability to know and do,
Leaving such limited use behind.

God's grace is always available
As we face the hardships of life,
And a husband joyfully commits
To the long term care of his wife.

How long will his strength last?
As the burdens continue to rise
The years and his health will tell-
None of us can really surmise.

For now her sweetness shows
Though her future might look dim.
While Alzheimer's has all of her,
Blessedly, she has all of him.

God knows all about these things
And the difficulties they imply.
His great love has a perfect will.
Only He has the answer to "Why?"

Now, her communion with the Lord
Cannot be written with mortal pen.
Someday she will have a new mind
And she will never struggle again.

Redeemed so many years earlier
When she invited the Savior within,
Soon Alzheimer's won't have any of her,
And she'll forever have all of Him.

[ Roger Allen Cook © 2002 ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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