Big To-Do

          It's January 23rd ~
          a day I love and hate,
          Mixed emotions come upon me
          on today, your natal date.

          How I lavished you with fancy gifts
          to charm you, to beguile,
          To tempt you from your small-town-world,
          to see you laugh and smile.

          Some jigsaw puzzles and perfume,
          "For me?!" your eyes shone bright,
          You'd don the earrings that I bought,
          you'd primp and feign delight.

          And there was nothing practical,
          each gift was just for show;
          Although you were so down-to-earth,
          it set your face aglow.

          Your graceful hands with scissors
          opened each gift carefully,
          Your perfect, polished nails just so,
          a joy to watch, to see.

          Gift-wrap was folded neatly,
          ribbons salvaged from the floor;
          And I knew that on MY birthday
          they'd be in my hands once more.

          Then came the cake and candles
          and we'd sing the birthday song,
          You thought it all a Big To-Do
          but always went along.

          So on this day
          I pray the angels
          make a Big To-Do,
          With fol-de-rol and fanfare
          that's intended
          just for you!


          "I thank my God
          upon every remembrance
          of you."
          (Philippians 1:3 KJV)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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