Bind The Strongman

There is a strongman,
seeking your lives,
Working in husbands,
working in wives,

Causing much trouble,
causing much pain,
Making you think,
you're going insane.

No matter how hard,
that you may try,
You struggle with self,
it makes you cry,

You wonder what's wrong,
with your life,
You've hung on hard,
to sin and strife

You want to be free,
to do Gods will,
No one understands,
just how you feel,

If only they knew,
how they should pray,
And cast the strongman,
out of the way.

Matthew 12: and 29,
you need to know,
To tell that strongman,
where he can go,

You have to bind him,
with Gods Word,
You really can tell,
when he has heard,

His goods is what,
he's taken from you,
All the many things
he's put you through,

Like drinking and doping,
and running around,
Get rid of those,
look what you've found,

You'll have a new life,
and a family too,
You'll be so happy,
when you pursue,

Father who gave us,
Jesus Christ,
I'll serve Him forever,
the rest of my life.

Matthew 12:26 through 29

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2002 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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