Birds Are Amazing

        Birds are amazing to me,
        They seem so happy and chatter with glee.
        Do you ever wonder why their nests' are built in a tree.
        I think for protection it could be.

        Their heads are so small with such a tiny brain,
        where do they go when they see it rain.
        Where do they go when it is cold.
        How do they fly when they get old.

        How do they know just what to eat,
        as they move so fast on their tiny little feet.
        Are they concerned about how they look,
        I don't think so, not in my book.

        They all stay together,
        in all kinds of weather.
        I don't see them fighting and hurting each other.
        They all get along better than a sister and a brother.

        It's amazing to watch them fly,
        how they soar so high in the sky,
        they know just how much to slow down
        so they wont splat when they get to the ground.

        Do they not worry at all,
        the heavenly father knows each sparrow that falls.
        We can take lessons from a bird,
        you can read about them in God's Word.

~ Mary Eldridge ~

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2006 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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