Two young girls.

Blessings Abound

How blessed are they who recognize
A gentle heart with their own eyes
To see the soul that lies within
And come to know they've found a friend.

And they are blessed, indeed.

For all who share with those who need
Are not diminished by their deed,
Instead they grow in faith and love
Nurtured by the Lord above.

And they are blessed, indeed.

Those freed from worry night and day
About the things they gave away
Find peace of mind beyond compare
Because they took the time to care.

And they are blessed, indeed.

For those who give without a gain
Accept the sacrifice and pain.
They bow their heads and bend their knees
And know the One who matters sees.

And they are blessed, indeed.

~ Linda Lee Gleason ~
Copyright © July 31, 2010
All Rights Reserved

Throughout our lives, we humans struggle with the concept of humility.
As little children, our confidence and self-worth are reinforced by recognition
and praise when we've been good. We all want to be someone. The difficult
lesson comes in learning that real rewards aren't paid in compliments or cash.

[ By: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2010 ( ) -- submitted by: Linda Gleason ]

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