Boot Camp

      The Marines take a rude, rough and tumble gal or guy
      And teach them how to just obey, not question what or why;
      They take a shrinking violet, afraid and often shy,
      And train their first response to be both tough and sly.

      The school of basic training reduces one and all
      To a quaking mass of nerves, insignificant and small.
      They push you to the limit, in your face and all . . .
      You learn to know the trainerís voice, and answer to his call.

      Gradually they achieve a change in the way that you behave;
      They see you corresponding to the pathway that they pave.
      You change from a "new recruit" living in a daze,
      And become a faithful soldier standing tough and brave.

      What is the component that brings the change about?
      Youíve learned to hear their whisper and understand their shout.
      You let them take your fragile world and turn it inside out;
      Theyíve taught you to obey commands, of that there is not doubt.

      That is just what Christ does through troubles sent your way;
      So you become His soldier, not a child at play.
      You respond to His initiative each and every day
      Not yield to taunts by satanís hordes to stray along the way.

      He will help you stay the rugged course, uplifted by His might.
      He will train your spirit and sharpen up your sight.
      He makes you, a soldier of His cross, alert both day and night;
      So you can follow in His steps with purpose and delight.

      His duty is to train you, yours is just obey;
      Youíll not have to plan the strategy or seek another way.
      Your troubles are your training; so you wonít lose the way
      Out on lifeís treacherous battlefield just bow your head and pray.

      He responds in a whisper, or circumstance so strong and loud,
      That you can receive His message, alone or in a crowd
      You are fitted with His armor, so stand up tall and proud;
      And when the battles over Heíll receive you in His cloud.

After all these years of training are you still a new
undisciplined recruit or can you pass muster?

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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